The Letter From Camp We’ve Been Waiting For! (A work of fiction)

Dear Mom and Dad-

You have been asking me over and over (and over) to write to you. It’s actually raining outside right now, so we’re stuck in the bunk, and I thought I would write ONE letter so you can stop begging. Here it is- now quit it, will ya?

Camp is great. It’s even better than last year actually because I know what to expect and everyone knows me! I am still one of the youngest kids here, but people include me in their Gaga alliances and want me on their travel teams in sports. The other guys call me by my first name, last name, and some people just call me “yellow hat” because I realized if I wear my hat all the time I never have to actually brush my hair! It’s pure genius! I bet it helps you recognize me in pics too.

Don’t pretend you don’t pour over the pictures when they are posted every night. I know you want to know what I’m up to and who I’m hanging out with. Yes, we are dressing alike on purpose lately to throw you off. I also know you just want to make sure I’m happy and mostly healthy. Hey, speaking of healthy, I do have a bit of a rash on my butt, and a few bug bites I’ve itched until they became infected. But nothing some cream and a band aid can’t fix!  

I love my bunk this year. We are more like brothers than friends, except most of the kids are less annoying than Sparrow. We like the same sports teams, we all bite our nails, and none of us like to go to bed on time. Sometimes we have farting contests after lights out. Mom- you would run out of the room! I’ve also made friends in other bunks. There’s this one kid, Cam, who people call my doppelgänger. I guess we do kind of look alike. It’s a little bit like that movie the Parent Trap with those red head twins. I don’t have a long lost brother do I?

Don’t go and get all mushy on me, but I do want to say thank you for sending me to camp. I love it here. Everyone is just so kind to each other. I always feel encouraged to give new things a shot, and I know if I can’t do something, I won’t get made fun of. It makes me want to keep trying. 

I’ve discovered new sports that I love like hockey, and I’m still pretty sure I hate lacrosse. I feel encouraged to use my imagination- this kid Andy and I made this cool chipmunk bunk in survival skills. Hey, Chipmunks need shelter too!

 Camp is a place where I feel safe and confident and happy to be me. No one is too cool to be in the drama show, or too brave to be a little worried in a thunderstorm. We all respect each other, and as the camp director says, that is the best way to be cool.

I’m sorry I don’t write you often enough, and I don’t use a lot of descriptive words when I do. It’s just hard to explain how much fun I’m having, and I’m not sure you’d even understand unless you were here being silly with us. I’m sorry I seem distracted during our short phone calls. The truth is, it’s hard to think about being home, and I’d rather focus on enjoying every minute while I am here. 

I love all the stuff you brought on visiting day. We ate a lot of the candy, but they took it away after the second night. We’ve been playing the card games, and the Mad Libs are hilarious (especially with some curse words!) I just re-discovered the lanyard you sent up but I forgot all the the stitches. I don’t really want to ask the girls to teach me how…. 

But next year on visiting day, there’s no need to overdo it. I’m really just happy to see you guys, and the best part of the day is hanging out and showing you around camp. I love introducing the kids to my siblings too and carrying Lark around on my back while she squeals with laughter. 

I promise I am eating healthy most of the time, except maybe when we have donuts for breakfast or giant ice cream sundaes with extra toppings as a prize for cleaning our bunks.  I am very careful about sunburn and I’ve gone through 3 bottles of that expensive sunscreen you sent because it looks funny when my whole face is white. I am brushing my teeth, and wiping my butt, but I haven’t used any mouthwash because I couldn’t figure out how to remove the child safety lock.

I guess I do still need you for SOME things. I’ll tell you what. When I come home, I’ll take this independence thing down a notch. I’ll even let you take care of me like you used to. And maybe, just maybe, we can still read at bedtime and talk about why you love me so much. 

OK, well, the sun is coming out. Time for me to go out for a swim in the lake. Please stock the cabinets with all my favorite foods when I get home, and hopefully we can discuss that computer I was telling you about before I left. Seven weeks without a screen- that has to be some kind of record!!

Love your son,



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