A Letter To The PTA Moms From The Working Mom

I doled out whatever I could to help the self proclaimed selfless institution that is the PTA out in the only way I was able. And it simply wasn’t good enough for you.

Reacting to Inaction: You Can Build It, But They Might Not Come

In today’s environment, no one feels compelled to “show up” anymore. We don’t need to respond to emails or texts in real time (or at all). The phone really isn’t ringing, so there’s no need to answer a call to action.

The Spoiler Generation Is RUINING Everything!

Spoiler Alert! Did that get your attention? Are you going to continue reading? Of course you are! Why? Because, like so many young people, you are hungry for excitement, you yearn for the thrill of the chase, but not for too long - duh. You like to get to the end. Sooner rather than later. …

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