The Things I Had Forgotten (And Will Forget Again)

I had forgotten that all those years ago, a boy and I were united on the idea that sometimes we just wanted to do nothing together
I had forgotten what it was like to have an open calendar on the weekends
I had forgotten about the time before sports, birthday parties, and dinner dates
I had forgotten how to clean my own house
I had forgotten how to make my own lunch
I had forgotten what it was like to take a walk in the middle of the day
I had forgotten the sound of birds chirping on a quiet tree lined street
I had forgotten the sound of laughter wafting from a neighbor’s backyard
I had forgotten the inconvenience of one big weekly food shop for all the essentials at once
I had forgotten the joy of endless hours of uninterrupted bonding with my children 
I had forgotten the liberty of no makeup, dirty hair, and mismatched clothes
I had forgotten the strength derived from a midday workout
I had forgotten the freedom from an early wake up call
I have forgotten the monotony of a morning commute
I have forgotten the feeling of a warm hug from my mother
I have forgotten the taste of an indulgent dinner with friends
I have forgotten the patience required to sit in rush hour traffic
I have forgotten the connection from standing in a room full of people
I have forgotten the productivity of a team meeting
I have forgotten the togetherness of a religious ritual
I have forgotten the exhilaration of celebrating a life event
I have forgotten the anticipation of meeting a new person 
I have forgotten the security I took for granted when I walked outside my house 
I had forgotten the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring
I had forgotten the panic of impending doom
I had forgotten the pressure of needing to makes ends meet
I had forgotten the urgency of working under a deadline
I had forgotten the chaos when plans become impossible to uphold
I had forgotten the weight of the world when the foundation got creaky
Some, we will learn to remember.
Some, we will never forget. 

4 thoughts on “The Things I Had Forgotten (And Will Forget Again)

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