Mid Year Performance Review- How Would Your Family Measure Up?

Honey, it’s time for your mid year check in.” 

How would my husband respond to this statement over steak and rosé tonight?

Every year, as we turn the corner into the second half of the year, my boss sits me down and we check in on my performance year to date. We discuss things like projected revenues vs. budget, number of client touches (the appropriate kind), and my status as a culture carrier. It’s never a comfortable conversation, but it’s always constructive, and it leaves me with a good grasp of where I stand relative to my peers and versus his expectations. 

We all know that working moms truly have two full time jobs, and luckily for me, in my secondary role as head of household, I’m the boss. Why shouldn’t it be just as important that family members schedule time to discuss progress over the first half of the year, and set priorities for the second half too? So I’m instituting a new tradition. Starting with my co-CEO:


Every year we set your goals higher. You aim to meal plan further in advance, create tastier meals that the whole family will eat, plow through the most efficient grocery shop in the least amount of time. You have been delivering against this higher bar, but could deliver with more consistency.

  • Your strengths include: Anticipating my abundant emotional and mundane needs with precise timing, unconditional love, dish washing, out of the box thinking, adding silliness to your all around solid parenting skill set, forgiveness 
  • Your development areas include: Closing cabinets when not in use, driving less recklessly, staying awake long enough to turn off the lights and turn on the alarm, patience when children don’t listen the first time


You are easy to manage and aim to please authority figures. You are relentless in your efforts no matter what the task at hand. You contribute to the family when needed, and you are easily motivated to work harder by monetary incentives. 

  • Your strengths include: Positive attitude, transparency of moods, diligence toward school work, empathy toward others, and promising leadership abilities. 
  • Your Development areas include: We’ve collected feedback from your younger siblings and they collectively agree you could continue to work on being less annoying in general. You could try listening and obliging parental requests the first time around. 


You are perceptive and supportive of your co-relatives. You are a master at communication as evidenced by every teacher saying you tell great stories. You have shown an early passion for hockey and have expressed interest in pursuing it at any cost. 

  • Your strengths include: Exuding a positive attitude and contagious excitement for life, Charming people into giving you what you want, Wheeling and dealing for new toys, growing hair faster than a chia pet. 
  • Your development areas include: Getting dressed faster after bath time, Portion control at meal time, More patience and willingness to try new things, Being nicer to your sister when your brother is at camp, Tying your shoes. 


As a newer member of the team, you have a less extensive track record, and we’ll delve further into your accomplishments as you extend your tenure in our household. You show great tenacity and a strong sense of will very early on, which could end up being an advantage if developed properly by management.

  • Your strengths include: Volume, presence, idea generation, and sheer creativity. You are also excellent at finding open packs of gum and chewing multiple pieces at once. 
  • Your development areas include: Tantrum taming is a real focus for us going forward, as it is disruptive to the flow of the household and drags down morale. 

That leaves me, and while I’ll save my self-assessment for another time, anyone who has experienced working mom guilt can imagine that I don’t give myself passing grades in many things on many days. 

I look forward to revisiting this subject matter and re-assessing core competencies at the end of the year, when we will discuss discretionary compensation, and of course, promotion. 


5 thoughts on “Mid Year Performance Review- How Would Your Family Measure Up?

  1. I had a boyfriend who would do a “check in” with me every few months to “see where we were at.” It felt forced.. but giving perspective to your relationship can be helpful, especially if it’s gone off the rails 😉 By the way, I’m sure you’re doing great in your second job as “boss” ❤

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  2. That’s so funny, I never thought of applying the periodic assessment from work to home. Wait until I tell my hubby about this. I bet he has lots of feedback to give me, lol.


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