A Letter to Myself from My Happy Place 

Hey you. It’s me, you. Writing after a long weekend away with Gull. An opportunity that doesn’t come often anymore because once you had that third kid, all the willing babysitters who used to trip over themselves to help disappeared. The job became too big, the ask became simply too much. But how could they say no to just one night apiece? So you put the puzzle together, you worked out a schedule, and you booked those flights. You made it happen. 

This was more than date night in a restaurant, better than a night away in the city. This was a plane ride – a different state! Enough distance to be able to separate yourself both physically and mentally from the crazy life at home. 

This is what it was like before. The ability to be together, doing nothing (which actually is a thing, and harder to execute than it seems) in tandem. There was no discussion about the hectic schedule, no complaints about the mess piling up around the house, no focus on the ever dwindling bank account. We took a break from strategizing about our career tracks, we left that baggage home. And to our surprise, there was still plenty of dialogue. Talking about the what if’s, laughing about our short comings, planning for the future. The best isn’t behind us after all! 

When was the last time you could just be? When bad service at a restaurant didn’t enrage you? When was the last time you took a bath, or better yet- a nap? When was the last time you didn’t have an eyeball looking out for someone else, making sure no one was in danger? 

Here’s a reminder. Find that time again. When you find yourself with an abundance of stress and lack of relaxation, remember this feeling. In just three days you found the inner peace you haven’t tapped into in years; you rediscovered not just your relationship, but also yourself.  

You knew it was fleeting, it wouldn’t last. But you surrendered to the moment, became unencumbered by worry. And it was liberating, it was wonderful. Please visit that place again soon.

Self love,



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