The New P Word: Pink Person In A Blue World

It’s not easy being pink. 

I recently saw the term “pink vs blue jobs” during my hours scouring the bloggerverse as I ramp up this endeavor. Simple as it sounds, I never thought of it that way. As an equity trader on a trading floor, I always sorta just saw myself as a girl in a dudes’ world. 

We can come back to ups and downs of the office itself some other time. I am officially adding “pink” to my personal list of “not cool” P words (the joke in my house is that my daughter is a Politician, not a Princess!). But in the pink vs blue dialogue, I’d like to use some P words to highlight the effects of my years as a woman in a veritable locker room on the hours spent off the trading floor. 

Potty Mouth
This is a chicken or the egg debate for me. I am not sure whether I curse so much because of my environment or if indeed the reason I chose this field was partly because I can swear like a truck driver. I’m pretty sure I starting saying bad words in about 4th grade, and it’s one of few things I can credit my dad with. Regardless, even though I try to leave it at my desk, I do find I drop F bombs into adult suburban conversations to some strange and surprised reactions. * authors note, I’ve done a great job biting said tongue around my kids, thankyouverymuch. 

The world of equity trading moves pretty fast he between the hours of 9:30 and 4pm. There isn’t time for small talk, never mind saying hello or even goodbye during a phone conversation. I’m all about getting to the point, and this can lead to some awkward fast forwarding on my part when speaking to friends and family who really like to paint a scene before setting up for a long story. No, I don’t want to be put on hold, or wait in line, or saunter through the mall. C’mon, Let’s Go!

Party People
Whenever we go out in large groups, the women and men tend to break up like we did in middle school. Problem for me is, I have much more to contribute on the boys’ side than with the ladies. I am not up to date on neighborhood gossip or preschool politics, I don’t know which kids are the behavior problems, or whose birthday party is next weekend (not without my outlook calendar at least). I don’t want to share a glass of Riesling. I want the whole damn bottle of a thick oaky Chardonnay. So yeah, I kinda like to hang with the guys. Which is weird if you ask my fellow moms. 

Pretty Instant Gratification
You buy a stock and it goes up.. You sell a stock and it goes down. You send an email and get a reply. There are plenty of lifestyles where this doesn’t happen so quickly. Creative things like interior design come to mind. Being in my line of work has made it hard to work with people who aren’t as responsive as I am used to. Which amounts to a lot of trolling on Houzz and a ton of frustration. Or waiting a whole marking period to hear how my kids are doing in school?! I know they say if you hear nothing it’s good news, but that is unfathomable to me.

I wasn’t this aggressive (or what could be misconstrued as obnoxious) when I was in college. I may even be a closet introvert (hence the anonymous blog). But being a pink person in a blue job has some real lasting ramifications. Sure, maybe I’m a rare breed, but some might argue my job has created quite a monster! 


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