A Day at the Office Through the Eyes of My Child

My boys are proud of me. They know their mom is different than a lot of moms they know. She works. She takes a train to the City every morning before they even wake up, and comes home after dinner each night. She has a computer with a lot of screens. She makes money so our family can do special things together, and they don’t take that for granted most of the time. I am hoping Lark will feel the same way when she gets a little older. I’m doing it for them, in addition to myself; I want it to be their normal. 

One of their favorite events each year is when they get to come to spend a day at my office. I am not sure what is so exhilarating for them, but I’m glad they find it special, and so I am happy to continue the tradition. Here’s a recap of all the exciting events of a single day at work with mom, as told by Finch, with editorial commentary by Sparrow. 
7am: Take the train with Daddy. He goes to work later than Mom does, and I did NOT want to wake up THAT early. The train conductor lets me ride for FREE (and he gives us tickets with special holes punched in them!). 
8am: Dad drops me at Mom’s office, armed with a backpack full of busy activities and snacks just in case we run out of fun things to do. That’ll never happen. Mom takes me to her cafeteria and orders me chocolate chip pancakes, but I never finish them. (There was the time I got a fruit smoothie too but I dropped it on the floor).
9am: Mom introduces me to everyone in her row, and the next row, and the next next row. I look them all in the eye and shake their hands like she told me to. (Why is everyone’s name Joe though?) 
9:30am: Bill the tech guy helps me turn on an empty computer so I can find games to play on Google. A lot of the sites are blocked though for some reason. 
10am: I’m hungry, need a snack. Mom keeps Mike & Ike’s in a cool candy machine on her desk. (Most of them end up on the floor). Mom makes me FREE hot cocoa from the pantry area, but it’s too hot and I forget to drink it once it cools (there was the one time I spilled it on my pants and Dad had to bring me new khaki’s from Gap Kids). 
10:30am: I call a client and get to talk on the microphone and hear my voice echo in the whole room. (Then I start saying potty words and they take the microphone away). 
11am: I raid the supply closet. It’s a really heavy door to open but once you’re in there it’s a huge room of FREE stuff like paper (the yellow pads make great airplanes), Sharpies (!!), markers (but only yellow and pink for some reason), and these awesome white out pens. Mom lets me take 3 things. 

12pm: Lunch in the cafeteria. I get pizza, an M&M cookie, some FREE apple juice because Mom didn’t want to pay for Gatorade. (There was the time I got a honey crisp apple and it made my tooth fall out that night!). I make a mess on the desk next to mom, she uses Clorox wipes (those are the best and they smell like lemons) to clean up so her co-worker isn’t mad.  
(Finch at the office, circa 2012)

1pm: I find this big medicine ball somewhere on the trading floor and play roly poly by myself or with another kid if someone is around.

2pm: I talk to Meg the front desk lady for a while and promise to draw her a picture. But I think I might surprise her and make a snowflake using the stapler and scissors I found in the supply closet. 

2:30pm: I ask mom to find me some word searches online and she prints a bunch up for me. Love that stuff, and the yellow markers work great to highlight the words. 

3pm: Gotta go to the bathroom, and mom lets me use the men’s room myself, but it’s kinda gross in there actually. (Mom has to help me with my belt so I can get my pants off)

3:30pm: I ask mom why people talk so much all day, but they don’t talk to her as much, and I tell her I think it’s because they are all boys and she is a girl so she’s just different. She says I am very perceptive, whatever that means. 

4pm: Mom lets me ring this bell she has on her desk. It’s loud, and everyone tells me I did a great job. Then they all take off their vests, put on their coats, and go home. We head out too. 

5pm: I had a great time, and I wanted to play on my iPad on the way home, but I think I fell asleep. Dad is dragging me off the train and telling me we’re home. 
Work is so fun, and they pay you MONEY to be there every day. (When I grow up, I am going to work in mom’s office, and my wife is going to work there too. Mom said she is really happy to hear that part about my wife, but that I should be a Doctor.) 


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