My Life, Coming to a Theater Near You

It’s January, which means it’s Awards Season! I love movies and red carpet glam as much as the next girl. But who has time for any of it anymore? The only films we get to see are animated and populated by lost fish or glittery trolls or singing barn animals, and the Red Carpet specials are quickly overtaken by Disney X D kid-coms once my children grab the remote. The most prominent movie playing these days is simply my life- it’s a comedy, drama, action, and even occasionally a romance flick all packed into hours upon hours of unedited film. Endless cameos, scenes, plot twists around every corner. What is the secret to making this movie a box office hit rather than a flop? Partnership. Communication. And everyone playing their clear roles.

This is probably a good time to introduce you to the characters in my life.

  • Gull and I have been married for 12 years, but were dating from a very young age. So it’s been more than half my life at this point. His snarky humor comes off as sarcastic to some, but it works for me. He takes everything at face value, and is the perfect offset to my tendency to overthink. He keeps me grounded, and most importantly, very happy.
  • Finch is my 9 year old son. He is emotionally mature beyond his years, but has also mastered the art of being annoying. To us, his siblings, and occasionally his teachers. He is motivated and smart and likes to solve math problems and build towers and paper planes. He is athletic and driven to win.
  • Sparrow is my 6 year old son. He looks much older, and most people think I have twins. He is funny and more intuitive than most kindergartners. He charms the pants off adults, and his peers will follow him to the ends of the earth. He likes snacks and toys an awful lot.
  • Lark is my 3 year old daughter. She is strong willed and stubborn, but also spunky and simply hilarious. She likes to change her clothes 4 times per day and she will brush your hair for hours if you let her. She will also tackle you when you’re not looking and hide your car keys/credit card/gum from your purse if you don’t stash it on a high shelf.


Most movies open on Friday nights. But for us, all those jitters and the anticipation take place on Sunday nights. Right as we’re going to bed, Gull and I discuss the week to come.

  • My work schedule and which nights I will be home late.
  • Who has what activities and how they are getting there?
  • What we should make for dinner that the kids might actually eat.
  • What forms are due?
  • What needs to be purchased to fill the fridge or furnish that empty room or organize our ever evolving mess?
  • Which friends we’re seeing next weekend and who is babysitting?
  • When I might have a sliver of time for a mani pedi? The stuff of dreams.

But together, we find the answers. We make it work. Our kids don’t go hungry (most of the time- there’s always that day I forget to order lunch). My job makes it pretty tough to physically be there for the kids, but we have an amazing babysitter, and Gull has a bit more flexibility at work to execute the constant stream of direction I throw at him. We make sure we encourage each other’s passions (like writing for me, and his various renaissance man projects).

I’m the Director, he’s the Producer, and together we are a great team. And this movie keeps me passing the popcorn day after day.


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