Don’t you hate it when your blog topics get stolen? No more excuses.

I’ve started this blog “for real” numerous times over the years. It’s a personal goal to write. Something. Anything. I have a ton in my life to be grateful for. Three beautiful children. A loving and supportive husband. A job as a Wall Street trader. But something has always been missing. Besides just a workout routine. It’s that outlet, that passion. The one thing I get excited to do whenever I can: write. So you can imagine the pressure that has built up around making it happen, putting the pen to paper, finding something to say.
But you can’t just say anything, can you? It’s gotta be differentiated. It’s gotta be interesting to the masses. It’s gotta have an angle. So time and again, I’ve sat down to write the Great American Blog, and the furthest I got was writing an entire post- something that was funny, smart, relevant. Something I was very proud of. Only to find- that very day- a viral post on the same exact topic, with almost the same exact words and sentiment, on my Facebook feed. Apparently I am not the only woman in America whose life goes topsy-turvy when the kids go back to school in September. I was heartbroken and dejected. I gave up (again).

There was plenty of stuff I didn’t want to write about; lots of rules I set for myself. I did NOT want to make this yet another “mommy blog”. I did NOT want to make it a bash fest on being a woman in a man’s world from a career perspective. But that’s hard when a majority of my life was taken up by my family and my job. I wanted it to be serious, important. Given my lack of talent in the kitchen, I was most certainly NOT going to be the next Pioneer Woman.

Finally, as the calendar year turns yet again and I have nothing in ink, nothing in cyberspace, I’ve decided I’m done with the rules. Done with the excuses on why I’ve failed myself in achieving my long term goal. Who cares if someone stole my blog topic? I’m just gonna write. I’m gonna write and put it out there and hope someone reads it, and hope it resonates, and hope people like it. Being a business person, I’m well aware that’s not really the way the blogosphere works, but I’m starting small, and taking baby steps, because it’s frankly all I can handle and it will just have to be enough. For now.

Happy reading. Maybe someday I’ll even add a picture or two.





6 thoughts on “Don’t you hate it when your blog topics get stolen? No more excuses.

  1. Decided to go back to the beginning and see why you started – Very similar to my own reasoning. After much procrastination at the start of 2016 I just went for it but made music my “angle”. Been an amazing journey so far and quite unexpected in that I think I’ve made some really good friends whom I fully expect to meet up with down the line.

    Downside is that it can take over your life and that is what has happened to me of late – Be warned! Some time out from writing new posts should do the trick whilst I gain some perspective on “why I blog” – Cross fingers that will happen but good luck with your one. Excellent posts.

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